Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?


Google wants to know and you need to be ready. April 22nd, just two weeks ago, Google announced an update to their search algorithm that would favor mobile friendly websites. What does that mean for you? If you want your website to stay up in the top of the search list, you need to be mobile device friendly.

Google’s research found that 90% of internet users are accessing the Web via a mobile device, even while at home! Now you’re probably asking, ‘How do I make my site mobile-friendly, or what does that even mean?

Mobile friendly websites often use what is called Responsive Web Design (RWD). This allows the formatting of the pages and navigation to match whatever device is being used to access your website. ‘Unfriendly’ sites will have text that runs out of the page view and cumbersome navigation – something that modern users do not tolerate.

What does that mean for your website, and consequently, your business? If your website is new enough, it may be as simple as choosing a new template that has RWD. However, if your website is more than a few years old, you likely will need a more significant overhaul. Don’t despair. That may be a great way to also update your design and web strategy at the same time. Here are some considerations when looking for a good web developer that knows more than just programming;

• As with any professional contractor, request references and a portfolio of some of their mobile website projects.
• Talk to your developer about your mobile customer and the speed they may require.
• Make sure web analytics are a part of the package. Much valuable sales and marketing data can be gathered with today’s data mining technology.
• Your developer should be current on all of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

• Don’t ignore the mobile user. They are now the majority!
• Avoid ‘stripping’ down content and functionality in the name of going mobile.
• Don’t create a different web address or app specifically for mobile users. It’s too much to manage and you probably don’t need it. The technology is there to keep everything in the same place.

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